I really love surprises.

On Friday I got a big one.

Peter came home right as I was putting Eva down for a nap.  He said, “I have to go to the airport to pick something up for Martin… you and Eva should come, get out of the house for a bit, let’s go enjoy some time together”.  I was hesitant.  I didn’t think Eva would nap in the car and I had a lot of work to do.  But I decided to embrace the idea.  Eva fell asleep in the car about half way to the airport and I waited in the car while Pete went in.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Then I see this girl walking along the sidewalk and I’m thinking “that girl looks so much like Kelli, I’m going to have to email Kelli about it!”  I kept looking.  Surely it can’t be.  Could it?

It was my bestest friend Kelli.  Here.  In Victoria!  I got out of the car and gave her a big hug and found out that she was going to be here for the whole weekend, until Monday night, then she’d catch a ride home with Means as they finish up their tour.

It was a very nice surprise.  We had a great weekend!  We went to Luminara and to the Sunday market in Chinatown.  We had good coffee and good chats and we hung out at Willows beach.  Photo booth with Eva.  Cranium with the guys.  Humdinger.  Laughter.  Pictures at the beach in Lantzville.

Thank you thank you thank you Kelli for spending your time and money to come and see little old me.  It means so much to me!  And thank you to everyone else who worked together to keep it a secret!  It was worth it!

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5 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Tim

    Yeah – I kept it secret. Glad it worked out for you guys.


  2. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Pretty soon, no more “posts from the West Coast”. Yay!! Calgary is a little bit closer. I’m a little sad that we never did see your very first home but pictures will have to do. I’ll see the next one, that’s for certain!
    Love Mom


  3. tbug5

    sweet! Best friends are awesome!! I am glad you had a wonderful weekend my friend.



  4. Merlin

    I like surprises also! Especially good ones :)
    Hey guys! Just wanted to say thank you that you are thinking of me. i am thinking of you pretty often. You know that you are not VERY far from me ;)
    Wishing you a great week!


  5. jessie

    i also kept it secret.
    so stoked you were stoked.


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