Facebook vs. Flickr

I uploaded a bunch of pictures to Facebook, so if you’re not hip enough to already have it then you should get it, even if the only reason is to see tons of pictures of Eva, and that should be a good enough reason, because she’s awesome.  I am just getting a bit tired of uploading all my around the house snapshots to Flickr because I am too cheap to get a pro account so that means I only have a certain percentage of MB to upload every month and so I have to resize all my pics so I don’t use it all up right away and that takes too much time and I just don’t have any time and Facebook is pretty lenient with those sorts of things.  Also what I like about uploading my pics to facebook is that I know that only my friends can see my pictures, and no perverts or thiefs.  I still love Flickr, mostly for the groups and the conversations and checking out some pro pictures, and I will sometimes upload to there, but likely only ones that I’m particulary fond of… not just around the house snapshots.

 So.  Go to Facebook.  If you don’t have facebook and you want the links to the pictures, leave a comment, and I will send them to you. 

If not, come on, get with the times!

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