Back from the Dead

Peter and I both were suffering from some kind of stomach flu all Friday night and all day yesterday.  Or perhaps it was food poisoning, we’re not sure.  We both fell ill with it at the very same time, which was strange, and difficult with precious Eva to take care of.  I was spilling my guts to the toilet literally 4 times each hour throughout the whole night, eventually slowing to three times, then two, then none, although it didn’t let me forget that it was there.  Anyway, I’ll spare you the rest of the details, but it wasn’t so much fun, we both thought that we really might be dying.  Especially with Eva waking up Friday night at 11ish and needing some comfort… rocking and swaying don’t go very well with an upset stomach.  Unfortunately for her, after a while she was left to work it out on her own in her crib.

So we took turns sleeping all day yesterday and taking care of Eva and finally started to feel better in the evening after Kirk dropped by with some Pepto Bismol, chicken broth and Sprite.  I went to bed early, I think around 8:40, not long after Eva and she woke me up at 5:55 this morning.  She’s back to sleep but I feel pretty rested so I’ve been cleaning up the disaster that is our suite and she’s back in bed.  She is such a good little girl, most of the day yesterday, I laid on the couch and she just sat there reading books and playing.  However, while she was playing she managed to throw everything everywhere.  I didn’t mind, as long as I didn’t have to move.  So now I’m in the process of cleaning it all up.

Anyway, my mom and Randy are coming into town on Wednesday with two Santa sacks full of presents for Eva and for us.  We are really looking forward to having them here and connecting again. 

I’ve been busier than expected with photography and sometimes wonder if I’m in over my head.  We are doing a huge bridal show in a couple of weeks and have so much to do to prepare for it.  I am always telling myself that once this [insert crazy busy time] is over then it’ll slow down, but it doesn’t seem to, it just keeps up with me.

So anyway, I’m going to go back and clean now… talk to you all later.

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4 thoughts on “Back from the Dead

  1. blair Roberts

    you are just excited about your presents. you should be ashamed of yourself.


  2. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Blair’s funny! Yes, see you tomorrow and we can’t wait! It’s storming right now but it better be over before we board!


  3. Debbie

    Hey, I guess it’s been almost a week since that post, so I’m sure you guys are feeling much better. Hope everything is going well – sounds like it is. Chelsey, I know that you have been really busy, but I secretly wish that you guys were a bit closer so I could get you to take some decent family picts of us. I just love your pictures!

    Miss you guys! Eva is really growing huh? She’s beautiful!



  4. strakers

    that sounds awful! benj and i have had to do the taking turns sleeping before. when you are feeling so awful don’t you just count down the minutes until it’s your turn to sleep….or if you’re like me…lie to your husband that it’s been longer than it actually was…hehehe…kidding…sort of. ;)


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