I’m here in Saskatchewan.  The Prairies greeted me like an old friend, one where your relationship picks up right where it left off.  It feels good to be back; I’m looking forward to a road trip through Southeast Saskatchewan with my Grandma.  I hope she lets me stop and take pictures. 

We arrived last night.  We flew out of Calgary at 9:40PM, the tiny lights below us glowing like stars.  I felt like an astronaut flying through the galaxy.  We drove through the night and arrived at my mom and Randy’s at 2AM.  I am very sleepy today.

Eva now wears pony tails.  It is very cute.

We’re having a big supper tonight to celebrate my birthday.  Cheesecake here I come.

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3 thoughts on “Saskatchewan

  1. Marilyn Dixon

    Hello Chelsey, Happy Birthday! Glad to hear you are here for a visi. I know your Mom will be excited! Eva sure is growing up fast. What a beautiful little girl you have. Enjoy that cheesecake!


  2. Mom and Grandma

    Can’t wait to see you my dear Chelsey, and that little sweetie!!! Oh my goodness, only two more sleeps! Love, Mom


  3. Vivian

    Hi Chels,
    We’re missing you here. I’m enjoying driving your car around. How is my precious girl? I’ve been watching for photos but??? I guess the hunters will be home soon. I hope you’re have a wonderful time. Love, Aunty Viv


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