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3 thoughts on “Yes

  1. brianne

    good work chels. i also dislike going to the dentist. i’ve had a couple horrible days at work dreading my afternoon visit to the dentist. When I get there it’s never even that bad. But for some reason it really scares me. Actually the first time you wrote about going to the dentist I went the SAME day!


  2. jdavies44

    I know how you feel


  3. Alexis

    Ok ok, I have to disagree with you all. I find the dentist relaxing. I get to hang out in his chair while slobbering all over someone’s hands while they clean my mouth and tongue thoroughly, with a nice vaccuum and polish. It’s like a new cushion on the couch. Pointy at first, then you snuggle in and get comfy.

    But, flossing is also my favourite past-time. Perhaps I am in a time warp of dentist-love.


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