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Yo.  So.  Here is a picture of Eva at 6 months old.  Because she’s such a grown up girl now, we have decided to teach her to sleep through the night via crying it out.  Before this she was getting up minimum 2 times per night.  I would feed her because that was the easiest way to get her back to sleep.  But on Monday we (and the doctor) decided that’s enough.  The first night she woke up twice and cried for about 45 minutes each time.  Not so bad.  The second night (Tuesday) she woke up 3 times and cried for one and a half minutes each.  Pretty sweet.  Wednesday night I think she was giving it one last kick at the can… she cried two times for about an hour each.  But her cries weren’t very desperate, more like whining and complaining.  Thursday night I heard her once for a couple of minutes and then last night, Friday, she slept right on through!  Yay! 

I’ve started trying this with her naps too, to break her of needing to be rocked.  We turn on the lullabies and read our Sleepy Baby book and then we rock for a minute or two to wind down and then its into the crib.  Sometimes she cries for a few minutes, sometimes she just goes right to sleep.  It is harder to be consistent in the daytime because we go out lots in the day, so sometimes she sleeps in her stroller or in the car.  But I think she’s getting it.

She started eating potato on Monday and I’ve introduced Oatmeal too.  Tomorrow she will start eating carrots.  I have decided to make the food myself and it is pretty easy to do and not very time-consuming. 

Last night we went on a family date to the Commonwealth swimming pool.  This was Eva’s first time at a swimming pool and she was pretty captivated by all the people.  For the first little while she just stared at everyone.  Then she realized she was in water and started splashing like crazy.  She had a lot of fun.  She also got to check out the other babies.  She loves babies!  She was smiling away at them all. 

Peter is going to make some deer jerky and I’ve been busy editing photos.  I’m really behind on that so I’m doing an overhaul right now.  This week I was able to take family pictures of Colin, Lindsey & Cheebo and also do Miranda’s grad photos with some of her friends.  And Cintia’s wedding is coming up… so I’d better get back at the editing! 

That’s all that’s new since the dentist. 

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5 thoughts on “Sleeping & Swimming

  1. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Oh my goodness, how cute is she!!!! What an adorable picture! She is just a doll Chels and I miss her soooo much! I miss you and Peter too!


  2. Mom & Grandma Kim

    I just read your blog Chelsey, (just looked at the picture and had to express my love for this child and only then did I read what you wrote)and glad Eva liked the pool and the babies. Babies always love other babies. I think they think “oh, other people like me”. All the other good stuff we’ve discussed already but I do want to say once again that it’s great that she’s sleeping through. I love this picture of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Keri

    hey chels.. miss you… hope you are all doing okay.. that girl is so sweet.. i’ll call you later:):) miss you lots.


  4. Kristen

    wow, lots going on in your world! all sounds good and thats awesome about eva and her sleep :)


  5. Hannah Yager

    Hey chelsey…its been awhile since I have been on here to get an update of how lives going….and I realized we have the same background theme…fancy that! Must have been in the same mood one day..not sure what day I changed mine though….anyways…Eva is looking beautiful as ever! I miss our walks and talks! Hows it going?!


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