Yesterday I went down to the ole hair salon and caught myself an inverted bob, not above the hairline. That’s hair speak. I’ve learned to speak the language of the stylists.Getting a haircut is always kind of awkward for me, especially with a new stylist. She was asking me all about my life and and I was telling her, and she’d respond with a “COO-ULLL”. In a way I was imagining myself in Laguna Beach with all this kind of talk.

So she’s washing my hair (which feels great) and she asks me what shampoo I use. I tell her Tresseme. The advertisements tell me that it is “Professional and Affordable”. She said, “Okay, ummm, we’re going to have to ask you to stop doing that.” Nervous laughter all around. I guess the Tresseme isn’t as “Ooh la la” as the commercials say. After that, I kept it a secret that I hardly even condition my hair. I was glad because she started telling me that it is soooooooooo important to take care of our hair.

And then, I’m finally in the chair and the chopping begins. I never know where to look. I get sick of starting at myself with the ugly apron in the mirror. And also my hair is everywhere. Screaming infidelities. And it looks a mess. Also, because I know the stylist can see me watching her, and therefore deciding whether or not I like her work, I don’t like to look in the mirror because I feel like I have to be constantly smiling or she’s going to feel like I hate it and I don’t want her to start feeling any pressure because then she might get nervous and her hands might get shaky and she might do a horrible job.

Anyway, in the end, I must’ve looked where I was supposed to and made the right faces because she did a good job and I’m happy with my cut.

(PS – For those who don’t know “screaming infidelities” is a song.  It goes like this: “your hair it’s everywhere, screaming infidelities, and taking its wear.”  My hair wasn’t literally screaming infidelities, the song just came to mind when I wrote about it being everywhere.)

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13 thoughts on “Snip!

  1. brianne

    Chelsey, it looks soooo good. You’re going to have a hot hairdo at the wedding. I better do something with my mop. and soon. you’ve inspired me.


  2. hannans

    WOWWWWWSEERS….HOT MAMA! Hahaha….I love it …nice cut….where’d you get it done at??? And who by?


  3. kelli

    you are so beautiful. wonderful gridblog.
    see you very soon.


  4. Auntie Keri

    So hot chels. looks really good on you..:) and it’s okay you don’t condition your hair that often, I still love you. ha:) see you soon, luv you!


  5. Tim

    Looks good – I think Pete should get a matching one.


  6. Kristen

    TWINSIES!! i just got my hair cut yesterday, COO-ULL huh?? lol no fancy inverted bob for this chicka tho, simple little trim did the job just fine.


  7. dotty

    chels, soooo looking forward to meeting you next weekend. Love the hair!!


  8. Jessie

    such a good blob.
    er. i mean bob.
    or did i mean blog?
    will we ever really know?
    your hair looks really cute. we’ll just leave it at that.
    anyway. you speak such truth here..and you made me laugh several times.
    haircuts can be so incredibly awkward.
    i’ve decided that hair stylists need to be really good at BSing in a conversation because can they really care THAT MUCH about people’s lives?
    somehow i doubt it.
    i’ve been lucky enough to find a girl in saskatoon that i really like and have been going to her for about 3 years now.
    she always amazes me with her ability to remember what i talked about
    the last time i was in though..and it’s sort of fishy to me.
    i have a feeling after she cuts my hair she has a little journal that she writes in so that the next time i come in she can read it and impress me with her apparent concern for my life. it’s good for business.
    maybe she really does care that much, and she’s a nice girl so she might..but it still just doesn’t add up. i’m always the skeptic.
    anyway. whatever the case is, i like her.


  9. james

    nice hair toots! now I am going to start thinking in depth when i get my hair cut, thanks a lot! good thing i just got it cut!


  10. blair

    nice dashboard reference…


  11. John

    Attention: Grid Blog Topic for this Week: Earth Day. . .


  12. strakers

    I would have suggested an undercut…..but it looks good.
    Dashboard….thats a blast from the past! Nice.


  13. Merlin

    you look beautiful on both pictures!


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