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So this guy has revived the old gridblog and asked us to weigh in on the conversation he started about consumerism.

I used to feel pretty passionately against advertising and marketing. I was ticked that corporations would make millions off of my insecurities by sticking their fingers in my wounds. In fact I’m still kind of ticked about it. Only now I don’t buy into it as much. I try not to let them get to me.

However, as I recently posted about, I am feeling very frustrated by my ceaseless desire for more. I was just telling my friend Natalie how for the longest time the D70 was my dream camera. Now, I have it. And now my dream camera is something bigger and better. And more expensive. And that seems to be the way that it goes, we “need” and we satisfy those needs by consuming. And then we realize, thanks to advertisements, that we need something else.

I’m like John. I don’t like to think of myself as a consumer. Probably in the same way that I’ve been convincing myself that I’m not rich. But I am rich. (see Amish Dreams) And I am a consumer.

I think that since we are supposed to die to ourselves that pretty much means that we are to let Christ consume us, instead of consuming everything crossing our path that makes us feel whole (for the moment).

For some reason I picture some people thinking that is cliche. Maybe it is. Maybe it is a starry-eyed thought: “Oh, yes let’s just die to ourselves and quit consuming. Easy peasy ma brotha!” (thanks Ellen).  But I’d at least like to keep aiming for that.

It’s going to take a revolution inside my heart. I need to keep remembering not to store up treasures that will rust away. I need to remember that it is more blessed to give. And I need to give those empty parts in my heart to Jesus and allow him in instead of eating Lindors or wearing make-up. I need to let myself heal from the pain that causes those holes, that causes those “needs”.

So I don’t know. I just spilled all those things out and I don’t even know if they have any application. I might be more confused than when I started. But I know that I have to start going to greater lengths to remind myself of the treasures in Christ instead of the treasures of this world.  Because as of right now, I keep forgetting.

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  1. John

    Great picture.

    “In this next shot we have a 30yr old balding man appearing to fart in the middle of one of his messages.”



    Not the man in the picture


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