I realize I dont post very often and when I do I only post a video or a quick update on how life is going. I never write blogs about anything interesting or thought provoking as Chelsey usually does. I dont remember the last time I put some deep thought into a blog and really poured my heart out. I’ve had many times where i’ve thought about doing so, but havent had the time.  Well today is no different. Sorry but i’ve got nothing at the moment. I did, however, want to share with you the equivelent of a thought provoking blog in the form of a sermon I preached this past Sunday here in Victoria. You can find it by clicking HERE!  

Oh and here’s a sweet family picture from my birthday tuesday. We had a few friends over and Chelsey baked me a cake in the shape of a retro Canucks jersey.  I dont feel any older but the kids in my youth group here would tell you otherwise. Im wondering if they forgot my actual name as they seem to keep reffering to me as “Old”.



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10 thoughts on “OLD

  1. Merlin

    I wanted to say Happy Birthday,
    sorry that it is late one.

    Happy Holiday to all your Family,
    May God Bless you!


  2. Kim (Mom & Grandma)

    Great picture and great cake! We hope you had a wonderful birthday Pete!


  3. Andrew

    Happy Birthday, and don’t worry old is relative … after awhile the university students look like kids and well the old folk keep looking younger. When I was in grade 9 Kirk and Vivian looked so old and grown up like my parents now well… wait they probably still look like that to you but so must I. “sigh” I hope it was a good day and I am glad I got to meet your little jewel at Grace’s birthday party.


  4. Jessie

    looks great guys! awesome cake making skills chelsey..wow. happy birthday yesterday pete! see you in a month.


  5. marnie

    happy belated birthday, peter! i hope you had a great day, it sounds like you did. with that kinda cake, what could go wrong!?! nice work, chels.


  6. Clint

    Happy late birthday. And yes, Chelsey, I know you read it too… I was just making a funny about Liis because she had been the only one posting.

    Glad you are all doing so well. And I haven’t mentioned it before, but your daughter is beautiful. Enjoy every minute because they go so fast. Becky turns 10 tomorrow. Now that will make you feel old…


  7. Kim (Mom & Grandma)

    Very good sermon Peter! It made me think. Wish I could have been there to see the pictures as well. The teens are doing great things.


  8. jeremy

    happy bday pete. sorry the canucks arent gonna make it past the first round of playoffs. bring your golf clubs to regina. you, blair, kris and me should hit up a round saturday morning. i will teach you all how to golf.


  9. jeremy

    yeah yeah. 5 lucky bounces in one game cost my team a spot in the playoffs. it was a joke. you saw those goals.
    bring your clubs.


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