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10 thoughts on “Treehouse anyone?

  1. Mom and Grandma

    I’d watch Treehouse too if I was there! See what an incredibly intelligent baby! amazing in every way! She’s beautiful~ love you guys~! Thanks for sharing the pics and videos, keep them coming, they make my day! Love mom


  2. jdavies44

    I think i saw her poop


  3. blair

    sweet man. i’m totally gonna get her hooked on blue’s clues when you guys come. it’s the coolest. at least makena thinks so…ok, so do i…

    guess what makena’s third favorite show is next to winnie the pooh and blues clues? that’s right, jon stewart! seriously, she loves it.


  4. Auntie Keri

    sweet video you guys.. treehouse is pretty awesome, she seems so attached.. haha..and it’s so cool to see her in her jolly jumper and the exersaucer.. growing up so fast..


  5. Kim (Mom & Grandma)

    She is just like our Avry, lookat her watching! Two amazing little girls we have in our family! I’m looking so forward to picking you and Eva up at the Airport Chels. Only 3 weeks!! Talk to you soon…….


  6. Kristen

    too funny :) is that the ‘exersaucer classic’ model eva is running? looks awfully familiar, remy has the same one.


  7. Auntie Joy

    aww.. very cute.. cant wait to see you guys!!


  8. Debbie Hale

    Awww, brings back memories of when Becky and Joey had one of those.


  9. Bobbi

    Awww Chels…..
    She is growing up tooo fast ….. Way to cute…
    Hugs Bobbi


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