Another video

I finally got this video working a month after I put it together. I think the date was March 5th. Eva is 2 months old. Have you ever seen such a beautiful kid? She definitely gets her good looks from her mother!

 Click on the picture below to view video!



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5 thoughts on “Another video

  1. kelli

    so wonderful. and she’s getting so big! thanks for posting that pete.


  2. Auntie Keri

    Aww you guys. That’s so precious. It was nice to see pictures of you and chels too.. you both look good and it was nice to hear your voices.. Those cheeks, they make me wanna melt. I miss that angel, can’t wait to see you, she is growing up too fast.:) Thanks so much for posting that. Love you guys.!:) See you soon!


  3. Alexis

    I love everyone in that video. And all their smiles, you are all amazingly beautiful people!


  4. Mom and Grandma

    Wow! What a blessing to enjoy watching Eva and hearing you enjoy her! She is perfect and beautiful of course~AMAZING, ETC…..CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL! Love, Grandma and Mom from Dauphin


  5. Kim (Mom & Grandma)

    She’s just a little doll!! That about sums it up.


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