Title Schmitle

Well, after John’s last post, I figured that I’d better write a new one before he attacks me too.  I guess I can’t use “I’m busy” as an excuse anymore.

So I’ll let you into my life a little bit now.

Eva has a goopie eye.  She eats her hands like crazy.  She giggled for the first time on Monday.  Pete and I high-fived each other afterward.  She went in her exersaucer for the second time and actually seemed to be getting the hang of it.  (Check Flickr for a picture.)  She slept through the night once, I think last week.  It hasn’t happened since.

It is officially spring now.  We’ve set our clocks forward and now we have a lot more sunshine at the end of the day.  It is very nice.

Peter and I went on our biggest date since Eva was born.  Dinner and a movie.  Montana’s and “300”.  We were away from her for four hours, which to Peter isn’t a big deal since he leaves her every day.  As for me, it was a long time.  The longest yet.  I was doing very well, I thought, but about an hour into “300” I started to worry that we weren’t getting cell service and that Vivian & Bethany (our wonderful babysitters) wouldn’t be able to get ahold of us.  So I politely tapped Peter on the shoulder and asked.  He kind of laughed at me being worried.  He checked his phone for me and sure enough, we did get service and Vivian and Bethany hadn’t called.  Phew.  Peter might tell you that I asked about 10 minutes into the movie, but it simply isn’t true.  I know.  I started checking my watch as soon as we got to the theatre. 

It’s hard to leave your little girl.

Anyway, I fear that my blog is turning into all posts about motherhood and Eva.  I fear that if that happens then I’ll lose readers; that my insights on parenting will be lost on Nic or Dave or Jeremy.  Or John.  So I’m trying not to always talk about her. 

I promise, the next post will be about something else.

(Just kidding John, I know you’ll always be an avid reader.)

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6 thoughts on “Title Schmitle

  1. Auntie Keri

    Chels. I was starting to think you weren’t alive. No comments on my blog and I was starting to wonder. But I am glad you are doing good and you and pete got to go on another date.. Wish I was there to babysit.. Aww, tell her auntie misses her, and I can’t believe she giggled. I remember when she would smile with her mouth wide open and she totally wanted to laugh but nothing to come out. That’s so sweet. I am so happy for you guys. I can’t wait to see you in may.. Miss you and give Pete and Eva my love. And Alvaro’s too.. Love you Chels


  2. blair

    eva is the best thing in the world to post about. keep it coming. we are stoked to hang with you guys. maybe we’ll let hudson watch the babies and the four of us can go catch a baseball game…


  3. Jessie

    i like hearing about her too…no worries there..i’m pretty stoked to see your family in may.


  4. Auntie Marilyn

    Hey Chelsey, Glad to hear that all is going well in your world these days. I know that “baby” is the biggest part of it right now, but enjoy it. I goes by so quickly. We are still awaiting spring to arrive. With living in the hills we still have a foot of snow in our front yard! Darrian will be here at easter for a visit. I wish you could meet him, he is such a funny little character and his grandfather is over the moon about him. Take care,
    Much love to you all, Auntie Marilyn


  5. John


    Although you mentioned your motherhood and your kid I’ll let it pass because you also mentioned the ever great 300.

    Angie has finally written too.

    Who knew I had so much power.



  6. James

    Okay, im going to try this again. Ernie is looking for a wife. WE know Eva is young now, but she will be old someday. I am asking for Eva’s hand in marriage on behalf of ernie. Lets say….15 years old??


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