The old days…

So last evening I (peter) was sitting on my couch thinking back to a different time in life where I spent most of my time playing music with some of my best friends. I havent thought back to those times very often and I became pretty overwhelmed with the realization that I havent even seen those friends for a very long time. I sat there telling story after story to Chelsey until I found myself with tears in my eyes. The reason i’m now thinking back to this time is because ‘means’ new cd was released on tuesday and since then it seems I can’t really concentrate on much other than them. I’ve been talking nonstop about my love for them and their music to Chelsey and others for the past few days and she’s finally told me today that she’d like to talk about something else sometime. I’ve known ‘means’ for quite a few years now and have watched them grow from there humble beginnings practicing in a dorm room in high school. To see them finally recieving some recognition for the hard work they’ve put in and the talent they possess, has got me feeling like a proud parent. Or maybe just a proud friend. Anyways, it also has got me thinking a lot lately about the old days and how my band used to joke about riding them to the top since we were so terrible. So I got a bright idea and stayed up till 3am last night putting together a video of the old days to share with some of my old friends. I actually finished it at midnight but spent 3 hours trying to get it uploaded onto this blog. I still cant get it done so again, I will post the link. The quality of video is poor as google video would not upload the full sized version for some reason and I was only able to use the pictures I had available but you get the picture anyway. I miss those guys and I miss those times!

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9 thoughts on “The old days…

  1. jeremy

    thats weird. i was thinking about that too the other day, however, i had no one to tell about it, but those were some fun days. we sucked really bad, but i had a blast, and those are gonna be some sweet stories that im gonna tell your kids. some day ill get out to the island to visit, but until then, send me an email or something, jerk. miss ya.


  2. Alexis

    Peter I never knew you in the old old days, but I do remember GoodSamPark and your neck beard. I also remember that you really like porkchops.


  3. Laura

    That was really cool Pete. I remember you guys practising in our basement. I remember going to a few shows. You’ll have to have reunion show some day.


  4. Jessie

    goodsampark was fun stuff…the couple road trips i got to go on with you guys were times i’ll never forget…it’s hard to believe that was already 5 years ago.. i have tonnes of photos of you guys but unfortunately those were taken before my digital days and more importantly before i was any good at taking photos.


  5. charity

    Hey Pete.
    That was the best video. It really took me back. I remember means2anend and gsp. I would go to your shows and stand like a dork in the back, or watch you guys reherse at the buffalo lounge. I also remember going to Saskatoon with you all once and Chelsey was there too….I think she got her nose pierced that day? and then we all swam in Kris and Jerms’ uncles pool. Good times. I have a couple pictures i could send you, I’ll have to scan them into the computer though. Oh yeah, I also still have the gsp shirt with the fork on it.
    Thanks for the sweet memories


  6. Kori Jones

    I remember I came down one time for the weekend for a show and came to watch you practise, Ricky had a creepy stache going, Pete was going through his Omish phase, Jeremy was into tight pants and kris’s arms were tatoo-less, I think. I have a good mental picture going.
    That will be a pretty sweet tale to tell your kids, gsp hits the road, it looks like you will be first to do that Pete.

    When are you three coming to Calgary again?


  7. manda

    love the video pete, got me even more excited to go see the boys of means on saturday in missouri! i will have the pleasure of seeing them three times in the next two weeks! a rare privilege in Oklahoma! I’m sure I have a few pics as well, but they are probably all the same times as the ones in the video. take care. hugs to the girls!


  8. blair

    ha, great stuff pal. who is that guy with the sweet vertical. i bet he can dunk…


  9. dad

    Believe it or not I do miss my boys playing. Hocky, Basketball, and yes there music. I do not think LaVonne and I missed a concert when ever it was in the area for either of the groups.
    However I do realy love where God has taken you all now. Your wifes and your children. WOW


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