Jesus is everywhere

Everywhere Jesus, originally uploaded by chelseydroberts.

Does anyone remember that television show “Joan of Arcadia”? I don’t think it’s on anymore. It starred that angsty-girl from that Travelling Pants movie and basically she ran into God everywhere. He kept showing up in the most random forms, cute boys, grocery store tellers, etc.

Yesterday God showed up very randomly in my life. I went to Starbucks to grab a chai tea latte with the $5 that I found in my travelling pants pockets. It was there that I found Jesus in the form of the Senior Vice President of a professional basketball team.

In case you don’t know, every Starbucks cup shares a piece of someone’s mind, a somewhat-column they call “The Way I See It”. The way that the guy saw it on my cup sounded pretty familiar to the way Jesus saw it. Sound familiar to you? (If it doesn’t, you can click here.)

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9 thoughts on “Jesus is everywhere

  1. Mom (Kim)

    Awesome hey? He so sounds like Jesus. Chai tea latte…ummm, ummm, good…….


  2. kelli

    this wordpress is pretty cool. i like the little thing that pops up when you go on the picture.
    this post is also very cool. i think the times i’ve seen god most clearly have been in the mundane things in life.
    and i bet i’d see him way more if i just kept my eyes open to it. but sometimes i’m not good at that.
    ps- you should hit up tim horton’s instead of starbucks. even though they don’t have chai tea lattes, there’s nothing like the excitement of roll up the rim!
    love you friend.


  3. strakers

    nice picture chels. it could be an ad.


  4. blair

    did you guys get the new MEANS yet? do it, or else…


  5. jdavies44

    ive come to the dark side


  6. Fork

    I read your entry about your ‘hats’. I remember a time when we were once under the same hat. I am glad you are happy, and have found your place in life. I always knew you would be the first to have children, I just always thought that I would be there, and not see her on here for the first time. She is beautiful Chels. I miss you. I will always store our old hat box.
    Love Always,
    Fork With Napkin Cape. ;)


  7. Merlin

    Hi guys, thank you for your note again.
    I love you so much and wish to see you.
    Hope God will give me that opportunity.
    Until then I just have to look your picture between my bible.
    Your sis in Christ,


  8. Trinda

    Hey there, we miss you too!!


  9. Jessie

    last week i got a starbucks and this was my exact cup…can’t say i thought to hard about it until now.


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