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Well the day is here. It’s our last day with Keri-Lyn & Alvaro. We are really going to miss them a lot. There have been a lot of laughs. And farts. But more laughs than farts, so that’s good.

Yesterday the boys went golfing and Keri-Lyn, Eva, and I hung out on the beach at Cordova Bay for a while. Then we went shopping and then back to pick up the guys. Pete apparently had his best game of the year and is hoping to beat his dad the next time they play. We went downtown to Cafe Mexico. The music there was really loud and intrusive and Alvaro said that he’d never heard that kind of music in Mexico before. He said he couldn’t even understand it. We had some good food. Then we came back to our house and Peter and I introduced them to the game Settlers of Catan. I know that Tim knows about this game, but for those of you who don’t, you should find out, because it’s pretty great.

After that, Eva had one of her best nights of sleep to date and today we went over to Kirk & Vivian’s. Now it is so gorgeous out that we are going to move our table out onto the patio and play Settlers outside.

By the way, means is great.

Oh and one more thing, Mark has a blog too.

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