mum num yum yum

Today I sat in the car and fed Eva in the inner harbour while Pete, Keri-Lyn & Alvaro walked around. I listened to some Sufjan. Leave it to Sufjan to inspire you. I was in quite the photographic mood, but I was stuck. Someday though. Someday.

Keri-Lyn & Alvaro got here on Saturday and we love them. We have been having a lot of fun. And its nice to have people to help take care of Eva. She loves them too. Tonight we are having a night in front of the television. The Hills, two hours of 24 and then CSI Miami. We are pretty much losers.

We had a doctor’s appointment today. Eva now weighs 11 lbs and 5 oz. We all placed bets beforehand and Alvaro won. He is so Mexican.

It’s true, he is. Keri-Lyn says that it’s my blog and I can say what I want to about Alvaro.

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