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9 thoughts on “More Photos

  1. Tim

    Good one Chels- beautiful!


  2. Anonymous

    She is an absolute doll!! She’s grown so much since I saw her last. I just love her! Plain and simple…my heart is full of love for her! Thanks for the updates. Thank you God, Peter and Chelsey, the three of you made a beautiful baby girl!
    Love Mom in Estevan


  3. Anonymous

    She is just so darn cute.. Thanx for the pics on your blog spot.. Love to see how much she is growing.
    Love Bobbi


  4. Monica

    She is beautiful, and you take wonderful pictures! I would love to be half the photographer you are!


  5. xblairx

    who do you think she looks more like? pete or chels? i say pete, but i’m his bro, so maybe i’m biased.

    p.s.-is it wierd if i think she is cute and i think she looks like my brother?


  6. Jessie

    i think it’s too soon to tell blair…but either way, she’s gorgeous.


  7. Merlin

    I so want to hug her…


  8. Mom from Dauphin

    We miss her so…..much! And you two…sorry your first day was a little rough, hang in there mom, you are an awesome mommy and things will settle into a routine, however, peeing and eating may always be a challenge! also sleeping! (Ha!) We love you all so much…thanks for the blessing of our visit, a taste of heaven on earth. Love, Mom from Dauphin


  9. Anonymous

    Chelsea and Peter your daughter is of course beautiful and a wonderful gift from God. I have been checking out your blog for a bit and Britt says she is just a stalker, to shy to post a blog, so I’m hoping this will encourage her. I feel for both of your parents, it hard to be separated from your children and grandchildren for even a few miles, let alone a few provinces. We can only take solace in the knowledge that God is watching over our children when we can’t be there and the knowledge that our children are in the best of hands. It is obvious that God has blessed you abundantly and will continue to give you the desires of your heart as you live and learn and pass on your knowledge of Him to your child and everyone who comes into contact with you. Looking forward to future updates, Bon Nuit, Mary Moffat (Brittany Currin’s Mom and Your Auntie Marilyn’s friend)


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