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For some reason I felt like I should sit down and write a blog this morning, but as I sit here ready to type, my mind is blank. I just finished trying to call Jeremy O for the first time since moving to BC a year ago. Does that make me a terrible friend? He wasn’t home so I thought I’d call my little bro Blair. He wasnt answering. I thought about giving Kori J, or Adam J a call, but they’d be at work, so I tried my parents thinking they might be home for lunch. No one home. So now I’m stuck talking to my computer.

This is a strange time in life. I am glad there are still two weeks till our due date and possibly two more weeks of life as I know it. At the same time, the anticipation is killing me and I can’t wait for our child to come. I wake up each morning wondering if this is going to be the day our lives will change forever. I continuously find myself trying to savour our last few child-free moments, which, to be honest, is almost hopeless at this point, as our child already goes everywhere with us causing Chelsey discomfort and sometimes pain. I had a thought the other day that it would be great if the baby came really late, because it’s a lot easier to care for right now than it will be after it’s out. I guess it was one of those fearful moments of realizing I have no idea how to care for a baby. Chelsey didnt agree about the baby coming late for some reason. Apparently it isnt as easy for her to care for the baby right now as it is for me, and luckily she isn’t concerned about her ability to take care of a baby.

So we continue to anxiously anticipate the arrival of “___?___”, and are thankful for each and every opportunity we still have to date and sleep. We finished the baby/guest room on Monday and Chelsey put pictures on our flickr site for those who are interested. Chelsey has made sure I will post a blog for all of you when “____?____” arrives, so that will be the next time you hear from me.

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4 thoughts on “A Peter Post…

  1. Anonymous

    pete. try phoning again sometime. or email me your phone number and ill phone you. serious.
    its been too long for sure. and yes. not calling for a year does make you a brutal friend. jerk.


  2. Kim

    I remember all those mixed emotions Pete and totally understand where you are coming from. Yes, life as you know it will change forever. It won’t be long now. The nursary looks great. What an exciting time in life for you and Chels.
    Love Mom in Estevan


  3. Anonymous

    Pete this is really cool. You will be a great dad! I truly believe that. You are good guy. Adam and I have enjoyed watching you grow in so many ways as a person!! Your life will change yes…but I bet you would never go back to this life you have…once you experience what is awaiting you!!
    Oh and you can tell Jeremy that A phone goes both ways..hehe…oops. I guess I shouldn’t talk, we haven’t exactly been ringing it up! Look forward to hearing from you again!


  4. Anonymous

    Pete, these are perfectly rational fears..but rest assured, you are going to make an incredible father..and the two of you together even more incredible parents.
    i can’t wait to hear the news!
    you guys are in my thoughts and prayers.


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