we’ll all float on…

Okay, there are a few things on the agenda this evening.

1) I’m done the nursery bedding! Yessssss. Photos of the bedding will come soon, but for now you can see me finishing up.

2) Kelli & Aaron are engaged! They are getting married on May 5, 2007 and my wonderfully lovely friend Kelli (in the middle) has asked me to be her maid of honour. This will be my first time in a wedding (besides my own of course).

3) Doctor’s appointment went well. I’m already almost 2cm dilated. Now I know that I may very well still carry to my due date or past, but it’s just exciting to know that my body is getting ready, things are happening, and it won’t be long before my precious little baby is here.

4) Means signs with facedown records.

5) New pictures on Flickr.

Here on the right you can see Team Tardy. We were a team in Estonia together. Kelli and I are in the middle.

Here on the left you see Aaron & Kelli, looking wonderful in the summer sun.


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9 thoughts on “we’ll all float on…

  1. Anonymous

    Nice sewing machine!


  2. brianne

    so much exciteing news on this blog! it’s my first time in a wedding besides my own too and we get to do it together!! twin love. and kelli love. and we like aaron too. it’s going to be fun. and i will meet your baby that is almost coming!!!


  3. brianne

    i did exciting wrong because first i put excited by accident. woops!


  4. kelli

    oh geez. thanks for posting that eesti pic. i’m sure glad the bsb sing along video went missing. love you lots.


  5. Dixie

    Great Pics!! I really like the mellow lighting in the sewing machine pic, and also the family pics of Brent, Elise and Levi-he’s a cutie!


  6. Kim

    My favorite pictures….you gals singing with your hair brushes!! I love those pics. It looks like you are having so much fun!! And look at you..sewing away..you can do anything Chelsey! I’m on the countdown for flying out there. I’m excited…and you know it takes a lot to make me excited….
    Love Mom
    Can’t wait to see you, Peter and soon the new baby!


  7. Kim

    I just looked at the pics and I love the “family feet”! So cute and original. The rest are great too.


  8. Kim

    Congratulations Kelli! Great News!

    Love Chelsey’s Mom…Kim


  9. merlinhttp://www.xanga.com/Merlin86

    they look so beautiful couple!


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