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mama and baby, originally uploaded by chelseydroberts.

I am 36 weeks pregnant. Now that Mike & Kim have little Avry, the anticipation is growing and growing for my own little baby to come. Yesterday Marnie and I did a little photo shoot of my belly, so I’ll post more belly pics later, but for now you’ll just have to live with my old Cons and the new pink ones that are for my little girl (if she’s a little girl). I’m not one to say that only girls can wear pink, but I don’t know if Pete will want his little boy wearing pink converse shoes. We might have to get something a little more hardcore.

So as I get closer and closer to the birth of my first child, I have to admit that I am a little scared. It’s not easy to prepare yourself for the most painful day of your life. Also, it’s a tad overwhelming to think of the responsibility that will come after. But I am very excited to meet this little person and to hold my little baby in my arms. To love. To teach. To photograph.

This morning I decided to make egg mcmuffins. It was way quicker than going to McDonald’s (who thought that could be possible) and much tastier as well.

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8 thoughts on “mama and baby

  1. Anonymous

    Looks nummy and the shoes are so cute! Counting the days my dear and I am so exciting. Love, mom from Dauphin….


  2. Anonymous

    I love eggs.

    Have you read “what to expect when you’re expecting.” I found it to be really practical and good and I think Ang liked it too.

    Enjoy this time, it’ll go quickly.



  3. Jessie

    i’m glad you did a photoshoot, i was hoping (and i guess expecting) that you would, i would love to see some of them eventually!


  4. Anonymous

    hey…i can’t wait for you two to be parents, you will do such a great job..!!! i miss you guys, and can’t wait to meet the little baby:) cute picture, and take care of each other:):):) XOXO, Keri-Lyn


  5. Anonymous

    Hey Chels!! I love that pic of the shooes. So fun, so cute. I am thrilled for you two, and thinking of you as the day draws nearer. I can’t wait to meet your little one someday (maybe I’ll get a stopover in B.C on one of my trips home!).
    Love you,


  6. kelli

    i remember when you got those little shoes. that seems like forever ago.
    you are the greatest.


  7. Hans

    Chels, your becoming quite the amazing photographer….Good job on that shoes pic…it should be framed…once exams are over we will have to find time to hang out….it will probably not be long after that you will have a little tyke running around….


  8. Trinda

    hey chels, that is a great picture. Shoes…so cute. Miss you guys!


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