Click here to see pictures from the baby shower.

Also notice that I have added more links… (although it might be hard to tell because I have so many on there):
– James Davies
– Mike & Kim Fowler
– Tamara Knutson
– J’Nea Muller
– Jessie Nickolett
– Kris Olson
– Nic Olson
– Karl & Helen Roberts
– Alicia Slywka

Annnnnnnd Blair has changed his blog address and that has been changed also.

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5 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. marnie

    yeah flickr!


  2. Kristi

    Great pictures!


  3. kristen

    your shower looked like a very nice time with tons of present opening!


  4. Anonymous

    You look amazing Chels! Great to see pics, wish I could have been there!!!!!! I heard you guys had snow yesterday! YEH! We are having piles of snow, right now, no buses ran at school today. Dad is happy (Snow tires sales are good)! Anyway…love you guys so much, so excited to see you and meet my new little one! Love you dear, Mom from Dauphin


  5. Merlin

    oh, how lovely pictures! Sad that I couldn’t be there. It seems to me that you had a very nice time:)miss you!


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