Driving down Quadra street during the morning rush is no easy feat. It requires a lot of skill and a lot of patience. There are just two lanes: in the left lane you need to watch out for left turners, in the right lane you need to dodge the buses. This is a route that I have come to know quite well as Peter and I have used it to arrive at Tolmie Avenue every morning for five months.

You tend to become pretty familiar with a route that you have taken every day for five months. As we come down Parkwood there is always a red headed boy walking himself to where the school bus picks him up. We see the group of students waiting on the corner for this bus every morning too. If we’re running late sometimes we even see the bus. Then once we’re on Quadra we pass by two kids that used to be in my group at Kids Klub. They’re waiting for the city bus in their school uniforms. I always wonder if they see me. There’s the same Victoria Business School van that seems to be en route with us every morning. There’s the approximately 40-year-old woman with extremely blonde hair that walks on the right sidewalk every morning. I notice all of these things.

But now there is one thing missing.

It’s us.

We no longer take Quadra street every morning.

We don’t have to.

Because I’m on my leave now.


I wonder if those little characters that were a part of our morning will miss us.

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6 thoughts on “Routines

  1. Anonymous

    I am so happy for you sweet Chelsey! YEH!!! Love, Mom in Dauphin


  2. Kim

    I’m happy that you are finally done with being on your feet all day long chelsey! I hope you get some sweet R&R before your little bundle arrives! I love being able to talk during the day when the 2 hour time difference doesn’t seem so difficult!
    Love Mom in Estevan
    (Can’t wait to see you December30th)


  3. Jessie

    remember when we got lost driving around right after you picked me up from broadmead village? and there was no gas in the car?…and then when we got lost at UVIC a couple days later?..haha…there is much to be said for routines! but a little spontaneity is never a bad thing either :)
    or in your case, NEW routines…like relaxing like crazy! which you better be doing!


  4. TamaLa

    ENJOY!! And put your feet up for a bit!
    Its almost BABY time!!


  5. Marilyn

    Hello Chelsey,
    I know you are relived to finally be done work. I remember when Sarah was a far along as you are now and I know how much effort it takes to get through the day let alone dumping work on top of it!
    Enjoy this next month, get loads of rest and sleep… are going to need it….your world is going to get even busier when your little bundle of joy arrives.
    I am very excited to becoming a great auntie yet once again! Take care, Much love, Auntie Marilyn


  6. xblairx

    speaking of new routines, switch my blog link to


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