31 weeks on the 31st of October:

And just 9 weeks to go!

Tonight we went up to Brent & Elise’s. We also enjoyed the company of Jordan & Cherie, Erin & Graham, Colin & Lindsay, Steve & Joan, Levi (of course) and many others who dropped in for candy.

Here is the girls crew, with Miranda and Hannah popping in.

The gentlemen.

And Levi dressed as a monkey.

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6 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Jessie

    you really need to stop being so dang cute! that shirt is genius!


  2. Kim

    Aw………….Chelsey, you look so beautiful pregnant!! You look so good! That T. is genius!! Too funny….
    Thanks for the update.
    Love Mom


  3. Jill Slywka

    looking good, chelsey. i, too, love the t-shirt!


  4. Anonymous

    Beautiful as usual! Looking better and better!!!!

    Love, Mom in Dauphin


  5. crystal

    chelsey, you are so precious!!! thanks for the picture. miss you both. cd


  6. Anonymous

    Hey cousin….
    Chelsey Chelsey… U Look so darn good for being prego… I only wished i looked as good. Still hard to beleive that you r having a baby. Since i havent gotten to see ya in person, Thank goodness for this blog spot so i get a peek at ya .. With love and prayer Bobbi


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