Almost 4 years ago I prayed a little prayer. That probably seems pretty normal, but at that time, I wasn’t the prayin’ type. I didn’t even know if I believed that there was a god up there listening to me. But I wanted a boyfriend and I was betting that if there was a god, then he could probably get that for me. So I was pretty specific. I really let God know what I wanted. And his response? “So you want a boyfriend huh? Well I’ll show you what happens when you start a relationship with me…” He did lead me to a boyfriend, but what he really was doing was coming into my life and starting to change everything. God can be pretty sneaky you know.

I’m pretty thankful He did that.

I’m thankful for:
– Peter
– God’s little person that He is growing inside of me and the honour it is to be able to teach this person and guide it through life
– my mom and her humour and her wisdom
– my stepdad and his humour and his love for hot sauce
– my dad and his own little ways of letting me know that he loves me
– my stepmom and her access to sweet travel deals
– my brothers and their little families
– my family-in-law: too much to list
– my friends that are close, my friends that are far
– laughter and tears
– the whirring and buzzing and aroma of coffee being made while sitting across the table from a good friend
– Amelie
– the book “Frederick” by Leo Lionni

You know, this would be a lot easier if we all listed what we were thankful for each day. I’m giving up on this list, I am blessed with too much.

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4 thoughts on “aitah!

  1. marnie Deyotte

    i downloaded and watched amelie today! i am thankful for her as well, but not as thankful as i am for having you as one of my bests. i love you & peter & that little baby who is so close to being here i could almost dance in the streets.
    happiest thanksgiving, chels.


  2. Kim

    Oh, my dear sweet Chelsey….I’m so grateful to be blessed with you for a daughter. I love you, Peter and this tiny little person that will be joining us soon. Yes, it is a very happy thanksgiving! I can’t wait to come to Victoria….
    Much Love,
    Your grateful Mom


  3. Dixie

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Chels, and I’m so very thankful to have you too.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon, only a few weeks left!
    With love today and always,


  4. Merlin

    “Aitah” – hey you are useing estonian! Good! I hope that others know too that “aitah” means thank you…
    Love you chels!


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