But telling gets old…

I rushed all morning. My heart rate was probably elevated, I was going so fast. The truth is, I wasn’t even running late, I was just rushing. I opened the door to leave and found a treasure. Time stopped. Rain was pouring down from a grey sheet that covered the sky. I stood and listened as God fell on the earth, on the grass, on the trees that reach up toward the sky. I let myself become hypnotized, lost in the patterns of the drops as they met the ground. I listened as God said “I am here.” I got in my car and let Sufjan softly sing me to work, driving through God the whole way there.

On my way to work I saw a lot of people who didn’t look very happy about the rain. How odd, I thought, that we could be experiencing the same thing… but we each had quite opposite feelings about it. I imagined that it is how some people go through this life knowing that God exists and others don’t know, just because our experiences are different doesn’t mean that He’s not there.

Really you should listen to “Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is out to Get Us!” by Sufjan Stevens if you want to have a better understanding of the mood. It is such a wonderfully hopeful song.

I came home today and I had mail from World Vision. It was an update for my child… but this time, she wrote. I had a smile on my face the whole time.

“My prayer, peace for your mind, joy for your spirit, and love for your heart. May you have all this forever. Love, Jo Maila.”

What a kid.

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5 thoughts on “But telling gets old…

  1. Timhttp://www.wyattsworld.wordpress.com

    That’s some great stuff Chels…


  2. Jessie

    Sufjan sure has a way of creating the perfect mood doesn’t he?…i love your words here…strangely enough it kind of reminds me a bit of how i felt on the bus in Victoria…i looked up at the people around me and i saw people who appeared to be so numb…staring straight ahead, listening to their ipods or struggling hard to stay awake enough to catch their stop…and i thought it was such a sharp contrast to how i felt at that moment: so awake and present with everything in my surroundings..i was trying desperately to soak it all up…i sort of felt bad for those people who didn’t appear to recognize what i did…so it’s true..God is there in every moment (even the seemingly insignificant ones) we just have to remember to seek him out…thank you for reminding me.


  3. kamara


    i love when you write.
    it makes me want to write.

    i miss you.

    you should write a book.

    say hi to your belly. and your other half.



  4. Kristi

    How special to get that kind of letter! You are a great writer and have a wonderful way of expressing things. I enjoy reading your blog. Take care cuz!


  5. Marilyn

    Hey Chelsey,
    It has been awhile since I have checked in with you…have been reading your blog on regular basis though.
    Glad to hear that your and baby roberts are doing well. Did Peter have any success hunting?
    The world holds so much beauty for us…when I drive to work in the morning I am amazed with all the autumn colours that the changing of the seasons has dressed itself in…one of the reasons I love living at the Bear!
    Take care of you and yours and will log on again soon,
    Love Auntie Marilyn


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