Elk Hunting

So the day has finally come. Peter and Uncle Kirk left for their elk-hunting trip. Auntie Vivian and I both feel a sense of relief… perhaps elk fever will leave our houses until next year. We’ll see.


As glad as I am that they are finally gone on their trip… that ache is back! My other half is missing.


How could you not miss someone who says these sorts of things:

“Jesus is the king of the world… therefore, he is the king of rock and roll.”
Peter Roberts, after watching a documentary on Elvis Presley

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5 thoughts on “Elk Hunting

  1. Kim

    Yes Chels, how could you not….. He’ll be back before you know it. I hope he has a successful and fun time. Talk to you soon.
    Love Mom


  2. Mom from Dauphin

    I know, my better half is missing too Chels…I feel empty already! Dad called me from the mountains this morning minutes before he was meeting Pete and Kirk and he was in tears, relishing the moment of the beautiful mountains and the sunrise! I am so happy for him and I miss him already! Love, Mom from Dauphin.,


  3. .jeremy.

    haha. classic pete. man i miss that guys commentary on life. so good.


  4. xblairx

    oh you are so emo. go listen to tegan and sara and call me when i give a crap.


  5. xblairx

    wow, i just reread that, and it sounded really mean. i didn’t mean that chels…forgive me.


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