Happy Birthday Chelsey!

In case you didn’t know, it’s Chelsey’s birthday today. I want to invite you all, yes even you silent blog readers, to leave comments and congratulations for her. She is now 22 and it just so happens that our baby turned 22 weeks old (in the womb) as well today. You could post congratulations for our baby, but I dont think he/she will be able to read it for a while. He/she can hear pretty well, however, and can kick pretty good too. That might not sound like much, but it amazes me. Anyways, I would post a blog about whats on my mind at the moment, but I doubt you’d want to hear all the details surrounding the elk hunting trip I’m going on next week. I’m leaving Sunday to spend a week up in the mountains. Will get to spend time with my dad, my uncle, and my cousin. Did I mention we’re going to be camping up in the mountains and hunting elk. Okay, before I get carried away I need to quit. Please take some time to post a comment for Chelsey. Thanks.

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16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Chelsey!

  1. kelli

    you are an amazing gal, i love you and i hope you have a most wonderful day.


  2. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Chels.

    Nice try though “Pete” we all know who really wrote it.



  3. .jeremy.

    have fun shooting elk pete. i would love to hear your stories..so get on the blog and let us have it.
    p.s. happy birthday chelsey.
    22 hey? i was 22 once. those were the days


  4. kristen

    happy birthday chelsey!!!


  5. Tim

    Happy Bday Chels – hope your day is a great one – blessings on your year.


  6. Jill Slywka

    happy birthday chelsey!
    hope you have a fabulous day, and an even better year.


  7. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday! I was pregnant with my first bambino on my 22nd birthday, too. Actually went into labour, too, but I guesse you have some time for that yet! Have a great day!


  8. HMcM

    Happy Birthday Chelsey! Hope you had a great day. Looks like this year is going to bring lots of exciting things for you! I hope I get to visit with and Pete again someday – it’s been way too long.


  9. Jessie

    happy birthday Chelsey! i’m thinking of you and your little one :)
    and Peter, i would also like to hear about those elk…i’m sure your elk caller is going to come in handy! have fun!


  10. marnie

    i hope your day has been wonderful, filled with all the nice things birthdays bring… hugs, cake, and love.
    however, i cant help but wonder if you’re more excited for tomorrow, when you’ll get to see the greatness that is zach braff.
    you are one heck of a girl and i adore you.


  11. xblairx

    happy birthday chels!
    ane pete, you are a murderer…


  12. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Chelsey, you young woman.. To you and the baby.. We love you all so much, hope you had a great birthday celebration, wish we could be there to celebrate with you.. Love, Keri-lyn


  13. Mom from Dauphin

    Happy Birthday to you, to Jesus be true, may God’s richest blessings, abide upon you! Love Mom from Dauphin, You are amazing.


  14. Clint

    Wow. You have the same birthday as Joey. Cool.

    Hope yours was good. He got to go to Chuck E Cheese’s so it went well for him…



  15. Hans

    Happy belated Chels, WE have to do something. We should have another sleep over since petes gone for a week…lol…oh and nice job with the blog…it was totally a pete blog. Good job….lol….laters,


  16. Kristi

    Happy Birthday Chels! Hope it was a special day.


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