Three babies!

I just found out that my brother Carlos and his wife Dawn are expecting their second child in May! All three of us are now expecting.

Mike & Kim are due on December 3, 2006.
Pete & Chels are due January 3, 2007.
Carlos & Dawn are due in May 2007.

How cool is that?

(if you didn’t know, the answer is “pretty cool”.)

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6 thoughts on “Three babies!

  1. Anonymous

    Congrats. That’s super cool Chels. Really happy for your family. Hope everything is going good on the baby front.. Alvaro and I miss you and Pete lots.. Love you both;)


  2. Riina

    Wow that indeed is really cool! Love you all very much and Miss you very much too!


  3. Kim

    I find it amazing Chels! Three new “little” people joining our families. I can’t wait to meet all of them! It’s exciting.


  4. m

    It’s way to cool!!!!!!
    love you!


  5. Merlin

    One more thing…
    Have you already thought about her’s or his’ name?

    Hope to see you soon – if not for real then in my dreams.Miss you and love you!


  6. Merlin

    ..and one more thing ~big smile~


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