We peeled the freckles from our shoulders

It’s Labour Day.

That can only mean two things.

1) A day off.
2) Summer is over.

I am thankful for both.

I’d say that it’s pretty obvious why I would be thankful for an extra day off, but some of you may be wondering why I would be thankful that summer is over: “How, Chelsey, how can you say that!? Summer is great! Warmth, sunshine, green grass, holidays, what more could you want? It’s the best time of the year!”

Okay, so maybe you wouldn’t say it that way.

But my point is, I’m summered out.

Back in June, I was in definite need of a break. It had been a busy ten months. Last September I started my Early Childhood Education certificate, I was crazy busy with that for the whole semester, we came to Victoria in November for our interview and soon after that, we got prepared to move across the country. I completed a practicum in January and February and threw the actual moving across the country right in the middle of them. From then on I was getting adjusted to a new city, a new culture, new people, new jobs (a few of them). Getting to know my new brothers and sisters. Teen activities. On top of that: deciding to have my first child and going through the very tiresome first trimester. Spending a week in Regina. Working at West?! That would bring me to June.

Definitely time for a break.

Peter has been away all weekend and I spent my time recuperating from our two week Cross-Canada tour. At one point yesterday I really started to feel lonely. And all of the sudden I started having all of these crazy thoughts: feeling like I didn’t really know anyone here and didn’t really connect with anyone and I felt so alone and lost and in need of some good companionship. (read on for the “but”…)

But then it hit me.

None of those things were true (except the part of needing some good companionship).

I realized that the only reason I was feeling all of those untrue things was because I haven’t seen a bunch of people since June! And if I’ve seen them, I haven’t truly connected with them. And that’s what I’m really missing, those deep, spiritual connections. Summer was great for a break, but I am feeling some major disconnection from my church family because of it.

I don’t know about you, but September has always felt more like a beginning of a new year to me than January.

So welcome back from summer everyone, here’s to the new year.

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4 thoughts on “We peeled the freckles from our shoulders

  1. Crystal P

    I can’t say I’m glad to see summer go, cause I enjoyed every minute of it, but I am excited for all the the “new year” brings. We have such a transient young adults group, and I’m curious to see what God has in store for it this year. And I miss hanging out with you Chelsey! We need to plan something soon (especially since last week didn’t work). Miss ya!


  2. Nataliehttp://nezbity.livejournal.com

    Oh September is definitely the real new year. I miss you indefinitely, my summer has been one blessing after another – I can’t wait to swap stories with you.


  3. marnie!

    i’ve missed you.
    i dont have a phone or internet right now, but i can check up on stuff from school. if you arent busy tomorrow night, or the night after, or the night after that, orrrr for the rest of your life… did you maybe want to hang out?
    email me.


  4. marnie!

    but i do have my roomie’s phone i can use sometimes. so maybe i’ll call you tonight.
    the end.


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