Je suis en pizza!

Greetings fellow earthlings. Or are we? Stupidity aside, I come to bring you an update.

Baby Roberts’ new expected date of arrival is January 3, 2007. Originally, when I myself calculated the due date, I said January 1, so I really wasn’t too far off. I knew that all that December 11 business was out to lunch. So now Baby R is exactly one month behind its cousin on the Fowler side, as my brother Michael and his wife Kim expect their first baby on December 3, 2006.

Pete’s been at teen camp since Sunday and now I’m just eating some disgusting hamburger helper in front of the computer and a Spongebob Squarepants episode, with a tall glass of chocolate milk. Expectant mother? Early Childhood Educator? I am a child at heart.

Also you should know that I’m reading a fabulously gracious, non-judgmental, cynicism-lacking book called The Irresistable Revolution by Shane Claiborne and I have many things bumping around in my head and my heart that I’m sure will formulate themselves into a blog sooner or later (and into ACTION). He may not be Kierkegaard, but its still deserving of your time (sigh, why do people put jokes on their sites when probably only one person will even understand it?)


Less talking, more eating as we say at lunch time in the early childhood centre.

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4 thoughts on “Je suis en pizza!

  1. Go 2 The John

    I bought that book, started to read, then God told me to give it to Kris O when he was in town last spring. I hope he’s read it. I wish I could.




  2. dave

    I bought that book, started to read, then I put it on the shelf and forgot to keep reading it. But as much as I read was ridiculously good.

    i got the joke, by the way. i bet john did too. that’s 2.


  3. .jeremy.

    you are a pizza? isnt that what ‘je suis’ means? i think so.
    and hamburger helper is so good.


  4. kelli

    greeeeat book. let’s chat about it sometime soon.


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