Roberts Baby Numero Uno

We had our 18-week scan this morning. It was a little surreal to say the least. It’s pretty strange to see this little human being that is cocooned inside of you, especially when you haven’t felt it move yet. So… it’s really there. The sonographer figured I was actually 15 or 16 weeks along, not 18 (which is what I guessed in the first place!), so I will have to have another scan in a couple of weeks. Nothing to complain about there… other than having to guzzle a litre of water in fifteen minutes. Definitely worth it. The little being waved to us and wiggled around and we got to see excellent shots of its little feet crossed and it’s spine and ribs and hands. So cute.

I know that some people find these things hard to decipher so I tried to explain it as best as I could, but I know that sometimes they are those hidden image thing-a-ma-jigs that you have to stare at forever and let your eyes go out of focus before you can see what it really is.

Head on the left, body, the white line up by the head is a little praying arm.

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5 thoughts on “Roberts Baby Numero Uno

  1. Kim

    Wow, I’m looking at this little miracle and seeing this little “being in process” makes it reality. You and Pete are really going to have a baby!! Thanks for sharing the pics Chels. It’s amazing. That’s my little Grandbaby……I feel blessed.


  2. Riina

    That is so cute! You are gonna have a real baby. I Love you lots and hope you have a grate day. May God continue to bless you. I miss you a lot! Riina


  3. Jill Slywka

    so amazing. thanks for sharing the picture chelsey. i pray that god will continue to bless you in your pregnancy. hope your summer is going well.


  4. Merlin

    So amusing is to see something like that! I am very happy of you, guys. Love you and miss you!


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