the love languages

So Pete’s gone to camp and I’ve been totally bachin’ (for all of you who are not down with the lingo [up to date on the language] that’s short for bacheloretting) it up, ordering pizza every night, letting the dishes piled up, using a different cup every time that I need a drink…

Okay, he only left yesterday, but I did buy a frozen pizza, and there are a pile of dishes that were there before he left, and I used a different cup today than yesterday but that’s not really beyond normal.

It has been wierd though since he left, I have to admit.

I’ve known that since we got married I’ve entered into some kind of parallel universe of matrimony, where I suddenly understood certain things that I never would’ve before marriage, for example, Red Green made a joke that “Love is blind… marriage is an eye-opener” and I found myself laughing and nodding, sticking my elbow into Peter’s ribs saying “Ehhhh? Ehhh?!”. That’s really when it hit me. Woah. I’m grown-up. I laugh at married jokes. I laugh and nod and elbow people saying “Ehhh”.

The other night Peter and I watched the video of our wedding and it’s totally crazy that at 20 years old I commited myself in front of 200 people to one single person for the rest of my life! I mean that’s a possible 80 more years that I dedicated to someone at the mere age of 20. I didn’t know much at 20, but I’m definitely glad that I had the brains to make the decision to marry Peter. I know, total cheese fest, and if you find yourself gagging now then this is probably one of those married things that you won’t understand until you’ve entered the “other” universe.

He definitely is my other half, and I’m feeling a bit lost and out of sorts without him being around to annoy me all the time with his need to constantly make noise… and I have to admit it was strange to fall asleep to silence last night instead of Peter talking me to sleep by going on and on and on about some big idea he has. (I wouldn’t write these things if they weren’t already a running joke between the two of us.)

I know it’s only a couple of weeks and he’ll be home on the weekend anyway, so I’m going to enjoy this short bit of time that I have to myself. I just can’t help but feel a twinge of disorientation every now and then.

So if you want to hang out with me in person or via telephone in the next couple of weeks, definitely, fo sho, fa shizzle, let’s order some pizza and dirty all the dishes and drink from different cups. It’ll be great.

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7 thoughts on “the love languages

  1. kelli

    phone date? tomorrow? please?


  2. Mom from Dauphin

    Sweet Chelsey,

    I’m glad you are missing him! That’s a good thing! Call me some night when you are feeling lonely! Love, Mom from Dauphin!

    I miss you!


  3. .jeremy.

    ive fallen asleep to the same thing back in the 90’s..pete talking about some sweet idea that he had until the early hours of the morning. what a guy.


  4. Kim

    Well I just laughed and laughed as I read your blog to Randy. It reminded us of ourselves, only it’s me doing the talking Randy to sleep. Thanks for the chuckles and I’m glad you are missing Peter.

    We came home early from our holiday as it was sooooo darn hot. Actually, I think we were both ready to be home. I’ll call or you call if you have time. We are going out for supper because our air is not working and it’s hot here too!!
    Love Mom X0X


  5. Kim

    I love you…


  6. Heidi

    I would like to hang out with you! are too far:(
    You and Peter are just a perfect couple. Love you and miss you.
    Hugs, Heidi





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