My friend, the closed book.

Kamara, if you love Comeback Kid so much why don’t you become one yourself and write a stinkin blog?

Because we all love you but I love you most.

A personal email would be even better.

This one’s for you:

like Camaro, but not quite.
So witty, so bright,
reading allllll night.

She loves to read, you know.

Harvey is the name of her dog
he’s a gentleman–
now please, pretty please, Kamara,
write a new blog!

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One thought on “My friend, the closed book.

  1. Kamara

    hey you goof.
    i wrote some, just not on the usual space.
    i’ll work on some new material.
    i miss you.
    and a personal email is on the way.

    as if you devoted a whole blog to me… i feel silly.


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