Yo, Check It

One of my bestest of best friends, Kelli, has started a blog to chronicle her journey from here to Africa. She will be heading to Nairobi, Kenya this autumn to serve God in an orphanage. Please praypraypray for this amazing girl as she prepares for her trip.

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5 thoughts on “Yo, Check It

  1. dave

    is that you and pete


  2. Kim

    dave, you are just a “funny pants” kinda guy!
    wow kelli, I’m so proud of you!
    what a cute picture of you and kelli, chels.
    talk to you soon. I love you!


  3. kelli

    thanks chels. you are the greatest.
    i am going home this weekend.
    home=free long distance.
    will you be around?
    lemme know.


  4. crystal

    chelsey, i think you are pretty precious…


  5. stevie.be.

    what an incredible journey and responsibility to take on. pray her much strength…

    you too are tooooo cute in that picture :)


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