A clay jar

Yesterday I was talking with one of my co-workers about how I came to believe in God. I was telling her how I didn’t know anything about God until just a couple of years ago, but then I had a life-changing experience and there was no denying it any longer. I started to really think about the night that it all happened and when I get thinking then I get writing and this is what I wrote:

For a long time I didn’t know God. I was going through life how I wanted, not even knowing. Until one day– everything changed. I had an experience. An encounter. When I describe out loud how it happened, it doesn’t seem very “miraculous”. It doesn’t seem “glamourous” or full of fireworks. That is, it’s not that way to those who listen in. But it was miraculous. It was one of those moments: God was there. Right there. Revealing himself to me at that very moment. How God chooses to reveal himself to us is different for everyone, it’s a very personal experience. Hard to explain in words so that to whomever you are describing may understand.

There is no going back from that moment. Who can tell God that he doesn’t exist when he’s right there showing you that he does?

“Shall what is formed say to him who formed it, ‘He did not make me’? Can the pot say of the potter, ‘He knows nothing’?” – Isaiah 29:16
This is how I can live my life by faith, without caring what others say or think. It’s how I can stand firm despite the critics and the DaVinci codes and those who try to sway me. Who can tell God that he deoesn’t exist when he’s right there showing you that he does?

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4 thoughts on “A clay jar

  1. Jessie

    this is good chels


  2. Anonymous

    that’s totally it – that’s how I feel, but have a hard time explaining such to those who need scientific proof or astounding evidence. Guess that’s where faith comes in.


  3. Anonymous

    hmmmm…is that annoying when someone leaves a message and doesn’t claim identity? – just leaves ya curious, eh?
    Ha ha – email me sometime ;)


  4. Trindahttp://spaces.msn.com/trindajs

    Yo chels. You make me laugh and cry and…..well…You write with such honesty and openess!! Thanks for doing that. You are amazing! I am looking forward to hearing more of your pregnancy adventures!!! HEHE! Anyway, love ya guys will send prayers your way!!


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