the weekend

So this is kind of a big weekend. We’re moving to our new place tomorrow, we’ve been packing and getting ready, we even took a load over there last night.

Spooky had a big day yesterday, she flew back to her homeland, Saskatchewan. She’s living with my mom and Randy now, which I think she’ll enjoy. From the sounds of it she’s adjusting well already and doesn’t seem too traumatized. Peter and I are trying to get used to not having anyone greet us at the door. Every so often I think I hear her meowing. It’s kind of wierd.

Today I logged onto MSN and my good friend, Signe, from Tartu had added me. She read with me this last summer when I did Let’s Start Talking. She’s a very special lady to me and I was so happy that we were able to get in contact again!

So now I’m talking on MSN to some other great friends from Tartu, Heidi and Riina. Soon I’ll have lunch and resume packing.

Oh, and last night I watched Cheaper by the Dozen 2. It my humble opinion… not good.

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3 thoughts on “the weekend

  1. .jeremy.

    you guys must be awesome at packing and moving by now.


  2. kelli

    right now i am doing some packing and cleaning. it’s not fun. it must be absolutely exhausting for you. will you still have the same phone number? we should chat soon. xo


  3. Smale Family

    I am sorry you thought Cheaper By the Dozen 2 was not good, I actually thought it was pretty humourous.


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