Given that I am carrying another human being within my own body, I frequent the bathroom a little more often than normal. Peter and I went shopping at Superstore yesterday and I had to use the facilities twice during our shopping experience.

Being just 8 weeks pregnant makes any mother a bit nervous as she seemingly crawls toward the three month “safe” mark, and I am no different. Yesterday was a typical day in the life of Chelsey in the first trimester. Feeling a bit anxious; using the bathroom quite a bit (thought I find the two are unrelated).

Why all this bathroom talk? Well, the first time I used the bathroom I was in and out like nothing. The second time, I was feeling particularly anxious and the first thing I noticed was on the door of the stall was the message “TRUST GOD”. Bright and bold, there for me to see. I used the same stall earlier and I hadn’t seen the message. Perhaps someone had written it in between my visits?

“How odd,” I thought at the sight of it. Believing in God isn’t the most popular thing, let alone following and trusting him, yet someone decided to write it on the door of the bathroom stall so that everyone who sits their little fanny down would be reminded of who knows best.

Wierd story, I know. God humbles us in many ways, yesterday that was mine.

(I went to Mission Impossible 3 last night, it was stinkin good!)

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3 thoughts on “Trust.

  1. Kim

    wow hey? He just always seems to know when we really need him. That’s awesome Chels! So simple, yet so amazing.


  2. marnie

    what a good story, it made my night.
    God is so, so great.


  3. .jeremy.

    tom cruise is over rated.
    but bathroom stalls reveal awesome secrets…
    such as “real truckers dont wear sweatpants”
    its true.


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