Apparently Parents…

So you may have already heard, but God has decided to trust Peter and I to be the Patriarch and Matriarch of our own tribe. Yes it’s true, this Roberts family is expanding and this time I’m not talking about getting a new pet or plant or anything. A little soul began it’s journey toward the human experience about 7 weeks ago and will be departing the womb on January 1, 2007 (according to Nagele’s rule, yet to be confirmed with the doc).

Peter and I are both really excited and thankful to God for trusting us with this little person that He has created.

Unfortunately at this time I do not have a comic-representation of our little one in the womb as I did with the announcement of my brother’s little bambino. But arrangements could be made upon popular request.

This news is now public domain so you can feel free to spread it! We would appreciate prayers for a healthy development and safe delivery, and for spiritual wisdom as we teach this little being what life is about.

And so, this is the reason why I haven’t written in a while. You see, when I have a secret or I have to hide something from someone, I generally try not to talk to that person because I feel like I’m being dishonest. So I kind of avoided the blogspot for a while. I couldn’t write anything without feeling like I was lieing to you all. So now you know and now you can expect blogging as usual.

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16 thoughts on “Apparently Parents…

  1. Tim and/or Wyatt

    Awesome Chels – congrats to you and Pete. You’ll be great parents. We’re thinking of you…


  2. Jill Slywka

    i’m so excited for you. and i echo what tim said – you’ll be great parents. you’ll definitely be in my prayers.


  3. Alicia

    Praise God. You are all certianly in my prayers! <3


  4. Anonymous

    WOW… I’m very happy for you! God is so good… You will do great with His help, i just know it! Love and miss you here… Wish i could give you a big hug right now… Pille


  5. Anonymous

    thats so cool! I will be very good parents with His help! Keep going Chels and Pete! Love you all! I wish I could be there and see you! Miss you and love you very much!
    -Big Hug- “Little” Riina


  6. Anonymous

    Diane & Ed said Congradulations you guys, You will be awsome parents!! Hope you’re feeling alright Chels. Prayers & Cares


  7. Anonymous

    wow wow ~~ isn’t it sweet that you and Pete have a little bb ??!! congras!! i hvn’t seen you guys for while since i left Regina. I do miss all of you in Regina.

    bigggggg huge
    loooootz kisses
    muuuuuch love
    ^^ v



  8. TamaLa

    Cartoon please…


  9. Anonymous

    Hey guys, i am so pumped for you two. God has truely blessed you both with this little gift just try not to screw it up. just kidding i know that you will be amazing parents. it was so nice to see you guys last weekened. take care guys and congratulations.
    Evan … akaVince


  10. Anonymous

    Hey Pete and Chels, all I have to say is I hope your child grows up a wizard like Chelsey, not YOU PETER… ha, I love you guys and am so happy for you. wish you were closer so I could spoil my neice or nephew;), but that time will come I am sure. Love you both, you are always in my prayers!! Keri


  11. Craig & Leah

    Whoa!! When we saw you guys at the BIG Armstrong Cheese Factory you’d mentioned that you were ‘enjoying not having mood swings as much’! But we didn’t know that would mean a baby!! We are so happy for you guys and know it’ll be great for you both. Guess you didn’t keep the trend up of the Reid’s doing everything 1 month ahead of you guys…we aren’t ready to join your trends yet!
    Love and miss you, Leah and Craig


  12. Jessie

    i had a feeling this was coming…


  13. dave

    blair sold out…

    will YOU step up and name your baby Pilsner???


  14. NRP

    Hey there hot cakes, that is so awesome. I am very happy for you and pete. I hope and pray that you guys are doing well and have a great summer.
    Love Noah


  15. kristen

    That is simply the greatest news and I am so incredibly happy for both of you! Chelsey I hope you are feeling okay and the couch doesn’t hold you a prisoner ;)


  16. Anonymous

    I must say that I just found out this great news today at the Ashby dinner table. Joel was joking about Pete having a “family” now and that we should steel you guys from Victoria and make you move here. Anyway they laughed and I didn’t get why they were laughing and then Brianne mentioned that since you were “expecting” that Pete now had a “family”. Anyway I thought they were just trying to suck me in and make me feel stupid, which we know happens a lot around here – so I didn’t believe them. Enough people agreed that it was true and then I checked your blog and I guess they were telling the truth. I am so happy for you guys and have some idea about how you must be feeling. Give me a call – as you should have done already – and we’ll chat. Love Ya Girl – Tara


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