le sigh.

Today was busy.

But the most meaningful parts to me where the moments on the drive home tonight. I drove a carload of rowdy teenagers home, but had wonderful conversations with them.

Every Wednesday the teens meet in someone’s home (this month Bruce and Tarra’s) and we talk and read and discuss and ask questions and get out of hand. (I say we, but usually I don’t take part in the last one on the list.)

All I can say is that it was just really awe-inspiring to hear their questions and see them searching for truth and trying to understand: journeying along this same path. And it doesn’t matter how rowdy they are together as a group, I know that there is a little soul in that body that has a history and a future yet to be revealed. It’s just easier to see that when we’re having one-on-one conversations.

On the way home I had some really good chats with those in my car; the stars hanging out above us, a little Dallas Green on the stereo.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know them better.

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4 thoughts on “le sigh.

  1. Kim

    Aw…..that’s wonderful Chels! I’m so glad you are who you are!
    Love Mom XOX


  2. Kim

    Who is Dallas Green??


  3. .jeremy.

    vancouver is out of the playoffs! haha…
    sorry pete.
    ok. not really.


  4. Nataliehttp://nezbity.livejournal.com

    I want to drive with you and Dallas Green. Stars are a bonus.


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