Neices and Nephews and New Cousins

Yesterday at work I noticed that there was a girl named McKenna there. She was about 5-years-old and looked like my sister-in-law Keri-Lyn when she was that age. So I started thinking about my family and my newest neice who’s name is also Makena.

So I decided to show her off.

Then I got to thinking about my other neice, Kiara.

And she couldn’t be left out, so I decided to show her off too.

But of course there’s also my nephew Brady.

And I couldn’t go without mentioning him either.

And then I rememberd that Auntie Michelle and Uncle Scott had a baby on March 27, at 9:54 a.m.

Carlee Michelle Wade – 8lbs. 15 oz. So I had to announce that to the blogging world.

And then I realized I have so many more lovely family members that I love and wanted to mention, but that there are so many that it was impossible! So this morning I feel so blessed and thankful for my family that is growing, growing, growing.

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4 thoughts on “Neices and Nephews and New Cousins

  1. kelli

    brady and kiara are so big now!


  2. Kim

    All gifts from God and oh….such a blessing.


  3. Mom

    My Grandchildren are amazing don’t you think! Life is soooooooo good! And more on the way! (Hint) Love, I miss you guys!

    Mom from Dauphin!


  4. xblairx

    makena is clearly the best..

    man, that is rude….


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