Prairie Pride

Last weekend, my friend Marnie and I took the bus downtown. I’m not really bus-savvy so she was directing me and teaching me in the way of public transportation. Since we were going to take a couple of different buses, she instructed me to get a transfer. So I did. And when I used the transfer, not really knowing the whole system, I handed it to the driver. He then said to me, “New to Victoria?”. I was surprised. Somehow he knew. “Let me guess, you’re from the mainland?” he asked. I said no. Because to me, when your on the island and someone talks about “the mainland” I always assume the BC interior. But I suppose Saskatchewan is considered part of the mainland. In fact, it’s probably the most ‘main’ that the land gets (perhaps in competition with Manitoba…)

Since we’ve moved to Victoria I’ve had many conversations with British Columbians about “Saskatchewan”. And I quote, because usually there’s a big smile and nod when someone from BC finds out you’re from Saskatchewan. The kind of “I-bet-your-happy-you’re-out-of-there” look. Lots of jokes. And that’s fine, I can take that, because I understand Saskatchewan and the beauty attached to her. But I want to give Saskatchewan a little credit (probably less than she deserves).

Saskatchewan isn’t the kind of place in which you find immediate aesthetic pleasure. I keep telling people that it is an acquired taste: you need to learn to appreciate it. Here in BC, everywhere I look there are all kinds of pretty things. I’m quite sure that most people agree that it’s beautiful. But in Saskatchewan, you really need to take a good contemplative look. It’s truly captivating, in it’s own unique way. And I guess that’s my whole point, Saskatchewan is unique. She’s not what you expect or probably not even what you want her to be. Her summers are blazing, her winters biting, huge winds, fantastic storms, tiny communities, an almost forgotten North, sunsets that remind you of how truly small you are, and so much more that even if I listed them it still wouldn’t do justice proper. Saskatchewan just is. She doesn’t try to be something she’s not. And she’s not going to try hard to win your love. She just continues on, being herself, like it or not.

To quote Chris Martin of Coldplay, “When you see it then you’ll understand.”

So, “Yes, Mr. Bus Driver, I’m from the mainland. And I like it just fine.”

(PS- Much love to Victoria. I like you too.)

Special thanks to TrekEarth for their photos.

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10 thoughts on “Prairie Pride

  1. kelli

    mhmmm. i got a lot of sympathetic looks from people in college when they found out i was from saskatchewan. and almost every person said to me ‘so you lived on a farm?’ clearly saskatchewan is just a land of farms, no cities, no towns. just farms. kind of like the north is just a bunch of igloos…


  2. xblairx

    spread the frickin gospel.
    i love it here.


  3. Heidi

    Someday I would like to come to visit you and then you will show me the beauty of Saskatchewan.
    Big Hugs.You are in my thoughts!
    Love you:)


  4. .jeremy.

    chris martin is in cold play? sweet.


  5. Jessie

    thanks for posting this…you are very smart and i absolutely agree…Saskatchewan is beautiful but to truly appreciate it you definitely have to look beyond the surface a bit. i think that is the reason i enjoy doing nature and scenery photography so much.


  6. Kim

    I love Saskatchewan and wouldn’t want to live anyplace else. The other provinces have their beauty, especially B.C. but I was raised on the prairies and I grew up playing on her beauty, her love and also her hardness.
    Beautiful pictures Chels! Loved your column! Thanks for being loyal to good ole’ Saskatchewan while living in the obvious beauty of Victoria!
    Love Mom XOX


  7. marnie

    hey, i’m from the mainland too.
    just not THAT main.
    BC is overrated.
    take me to saskatchewan, missy.


  8. Jehoshua

    haha, I dunno chels, maybe I’m just not contemplative enough or im not looking hard enough. But so far I just wanna go home. Must be one of those things you grow to like even though it sucks. Kinda like how saskatchewanners like the roughriders. It’s the closest thing they have to a football team.

    Oh wow…im gunna take heat for this one.

    Much love


  9. Jill Slywka

    i love saskatchewan too.


  10. dave

    oh, you’re from saskatchewan? too bad..

    just kidding… very well said chelsea, i’m with you. its pretty hard to explain the beauty of the prairies (let me go ahead and lump manitoba in to some degree) to other people, but i totally agree with what you’re saying.


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