Local Girl May Get a Job!

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So today I hit the pavement, resumes in arm, applying for all the local minimum wage jobs. There were some places, *coughBoosterJuicecough* that I just couldn’t bring myself to apply to, despite their large “HELP WANTED” signs. Man I love a good Booster Juice, but I’m not sure I want a career making them.

However… God may be leading me to… Starbucks. Ha. Okay so it’s not that much better than Booster Juice but at least the colours are less harsh and they play good music and the smell is delish. DELISH. Yeah I have a job interview there on Thursday but more importantly, I got a job interview at a Christian-based Before/After Care Program, which is child care for school-age kids. Before and After School. Hence, Before/After Care.

I think it would be a really great place to work. I’ll let you know how it goes.

On to tonight, the Canucks game. Now when I first started pretending to watch the Canucks play, they seemed to rock the ice. But now, from what I can gather from Pete’s wailing, hollering, getting-up-in-front-of-the-TV-and-nearly-pulling-his-hair-out, the Canucks aren’t doing so well. I kid you not, tonight I witnessed a scene not unlike one in the movie Amelie, where Amelie is on the roof pulling and replacing the cable plug on some obsessed soccer fan.

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5 thoughts on “Local Girl May Get a Job!

  1. .jeremy.

    the canucks are brutal.


  2. xblairx

    pete is too


  3. Kim

    LOL….great description of Pete’s painful but loyal following of the Canucks! I can visualize Pete’s behavior completely and I seem to have witnessed similar behavior in our household only over a different team.
    I’m rooting for the Christian based Before/After Care Program! Best Wishes and prayers for your interviews. Good to hear from you!
    Love Mom XOX


  4. LaVonne

    Good luck Sweetie on the job interview and search. I know God will lead you to the right place where you will be such a blessing. And by the way…I have no responsibility for Pete’s insanity…it’s his dad’s fault. I love you, I am thinking of you loads!!!
    The Dauphin MOMMY


  5. dave

    pete’s stinkin nuts eh?


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