Write us! Do it now.

Greetings faithful readers (and not so faithful ones as well)! We’d love to hear from you, be it first time viewer or long time reader, so please leave us a comment to let us know that you’ve been here.

Or, if you’re bubbling over with so many things to tell us or you don’t know how to leave a comment, you can also e-mail us at peterandchelsey@hotmail.com. We’d be happy to hear from any and all. The more the better. Don’t be shy. It will make us feel loved. C’mon, do it now.

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11 thoughts on “Write us! Do it now.

  1. xblairx

    i am here


  2. Kim

    i’m here too, as always….


  3. Melissa

    ive been reading too. i love it!


  4. brianne

    me too. i read this. i miss you guys a lot!


  5. Josh

    Hey! just found out about your blog a bout two weeks ago…read all your posts and they’re great. You’re a great writer Chels. Anyways I probably check your page more than I should. It makes me remember home which is a good thing. At the same time it sucks because I cant be there. But I love the pics. Take more!


  6. kelli

    you know i love you. and i would like to talk to you on the telephone sometime soon.


  7. Marilyn

    I love your blogspot! It is one of my first stops when ever I manage to get on line….darn dial-up!
    Keep up the great blogs…I enjoy them very much. Stop in and visit mine when you get the chance. I am not a gifted as you but I do enjoy a spot to vent what is ever on my mind at the moment.


  8. Jessie

    i peek in from time to time…and i think about you two often.


  9. .jeremy.

    hi guys.


  10. Merlinhttp://www.xanga.com/Merlin86

    Hey Guys! I miss you…
    my life has been busy with school and trainings, but happy as always. Soon school ends(two months left) and then will start exam’s periode…then I will have time to write you a very long letter:) Love you!


  11. Heidihttp://www.xanga.com/Heidi_trt

    Hey! Im also here!
    and for you to know: I love You and miss you very much. I hope to see you someday again:)
    Have a great week!
    Big Hugs!!


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