Ski Trip

Today I saw a commercial for the DVD “Lady & the Tramp” and I said to Pete, “Hey, look, it’s our story!”. I still think it’s funny.

This past weekend we went up to Mount Washington with the Youth Group. It was my first time skiing in 8 years, and the last time I skied was at Ochapowace in Saskatchewan which is… a ski place in Saskatchewan, so you can imagine what that might be like.

Anyway we had a blast hanging out with those crazy teenagers and getting to know them better. It was a weekend of laughter, sore muscles, good food, and of course, skiing.

Click for photos from our weekend.

In other news… well not really news… here are some pictures from Mount Tolmie (in Victoria), but you should really see it on a clear day.

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2 thoughts on “Ski Trip

  1. Kim

    Wow! It looked like it was a great time! Thanks for sharing your pictures too. I’m always happy to see you guys, especially having fun. Have I mentioned, ever…..that I really like your blogspot???? It’s such a personal way to keep in touch and share your thoughts. If I haven’t, I’m mentioning it now (tee hee).
    Love Mom XOX


  2. dave

    what? pete’s not a lady…


    just kidding


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