whether the weather be fine

So, I heard that today in Saskatchewan it was -42, with a possibility of -50. I entertained the thought of posting a picture of Pete mowing the lawn in his shorts… but decided it would be almost too cruel. Besides, it wouldn’t be true, it was cold here today too… with a low of 4 degrees.

Today I went to my practicum and we decided to take the kids on a bus trip. It was a double decker bus and I felt like I was back in London again… which inspires me to get back to my Pride and Prejudice reading… anyway. We took the bus to UVic and it’s a pretty swell campus. There were bunnies everywhere, just like at U of R. However there was something different about these bunnies, yes, it’s true. These bunnies came right up to us, looking for food. It was great. Sadly for them, we didn’t have any.

But it was pretty much the highlight of my day… besides the fact that I live somewhere were it’s 4 degrees in February.

From Brian McLaren in The Last Word and the Word After That: “Neil had helped me discover my faith not as a set of doctrines or an outline of propositions but rather a story that he liked to call ‘the story we find ourselves in’. We don’t just hear the story or believe it, he said, but it enters us, and we enter it: ‘The story of your life is taken up into this larger story, so you inhabit it, become part of it, experience it, and extend it,’ he said. ‘It becomes your way of life, your life story.'”

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2 thoughts on “whether the weather be fine

  1. xblairx

    makena says she wants her dvd’s back.

    we miss you guys. glad your all settled there and enjoying the beauty. can’t wait to come and visit.



  2. Kim

    Sounds like a lovely day! It is cold here today but not as cold as predicted. Thelma is in the hospital and had an operation so we are going to visit with Dad. Nothing too serious, so not to worry.
    So glad that you are enjoying Victoria! I’m the same as Blair, can’t wait to come and visit.
    Love Mom XOX


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