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5 thoughts on “Click here for a tour of our apartment!

  1. Marilyn

    Hello Peter and Chelsey, just had the “tour” of your new place, very nice, and I assume that is your new car sitting out front, coooool!
    Glad to hear all is going well in your world, and a little homesickness is okay…that way we know you will be anxious to come home for a visit. Nice to see you joining in on the blogging Peter and Chelsey, you do a wonderful job keeping us up-to-date! Take care, Love Auntie Marilyn


  2. Kim

    Well, what a sweet looking apartment! I love the french doors. You know that I was looking forward to seeing your new home so thanks for the tour. It’s lovely and it looks like you have lots of room! I enjoy your blogspot so much, it is a wonderful way to keep in touch. I’m grateful for today’s technology when we are far away. I’m always excited when I see a new update….it’s like reading a book, a chapter at a time, and it’s a book that I have a hard time putting down!
    Love Mom XOX


  3. .jeremy.

    dang…looks hot.


  4. Merlin

    You are very lucky – that place looks super!
    Miss you guys!


  5. Riina

    Thats so cool place=)
    Miss you guys! Have a very grate week and Sunday!
    With lots of love “Little” Riina


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