Sunday, January 15, 2006

Please pray for our dear friends, Brandi and Penny Kendall, who have been missionaries in Tartu, Estonia for the past year. Their young son Dustin was killed on Sunday, January 15, 2006 while serving in Iraq.

Also pray for:

– Penny & Brandi’s children (and Dustin’s siblings): Lacey, Amber, Courtney, (who live in the States), Jared (who is working in the Ukraine), and Kayli (12, who lives with Brandi and Penny in Tartu)

– Mike and Debbie Banks and family, who live in Tallinn, Estonia and were close family friends

– The church family whom Brandi, Penny, and Kayli have been serving in Tartu. They also share in this tremendous loss, and are without the Kendall’s while they are with their family in the States.

– All who knew and loved Dustin, and those who may not have known Dustin, but loved him through knowing the Kendall’s.

The Kendall’s have flown to Charleston, South Carolina and are with their daughter Courtney now. Dustin’s memorial service will be on Saturday at 2:00 pm at the Summerville church of Christ in Summerville, SC. The family will travel on to Washington, DC, next week, where Dustin will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery with full honors.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday, January 15, 2006

  1. Kim

    This is such a tragedy and so very sad Chelsey! I will pray for Brandi, Penny & their family. My heart is with them.I only wish that a person could somehow take their pain of loss away but of course that’s not possible. Prayer is all I can do or anyone can do to help them.
    Love Mom


  2. Marilyn

    So Sorry to hear of your friends loss. Losing a child no matter what age is a tragedy. My sincere sympathy and prayers to them all though this tragic time. The reality of war is brought closer to home when we lose those that we love.
    Love Auntie Marilyn


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