Polka Dots

I love polka dots. I’m drawn to anything with polka dots on them. I’ll be walking along, minding my own business and all of the sudden a DOT will catch my eye. Instantly I move toward the dot to take a look. Yesterday I was shopping in the Southland mall with my dear friend, Kamara. I found a pair of green shoes with white polka dots on them. The second best part… they were $7. Not bad I say.

Kamara and I went to “Do It Yourself Ceramics” yesterday too. It was a first for me, but Kamara had done a similar thing when she was eight-years-old. It was fun. We painted mugs for each other. I’m excited to see them.

Then she dropped me off at Blair and Melissa’s where we were having a Roberts + Vega supper but Pete came and told me that my dad and Dixie were in town AND my mom and Randy. I couldn’t get ahold of mom and Randy though so I didn’t see them. But I met my dad and Dixie and my grandma at the Delta hotel. They had a room on the 23rd floor. It was night time and Regina was all lit up. We walked down to the Ramada hotel and went to Yuk Yuk’s for some sweet comedy. It was pretty funny. I had a good time but my head and throat were really starting to ache and I was scared that I was getting strep throat, so I headed home for bed.

Feeling better today… but still coughing, coughing.

So, last week I started my Practicum at Wascana Day Care at the U of R. So far it’s been a blast. Tomorrow I am doing a story time and on Tuesday I am doing a sweet music circle about snow. I bet you all wish you could be there. Pete’s been chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and shooting some b-ball outside of the school… no really he’s been relaxing a bit but mostly getting things ready for our departure on the 27th.

I saw a lot of friends last week:

Monday – Tim, Tara, and Elijah came over for supper. Some really good laughs.

Tuesday – Kamara, Brianne, Tara, Elijah and Harmony and I went to Brewster’s for supper and to “Fun With Dick and Jane”. Kamara and I had an especially good laugh on the way home.

Wednesday – I can’t remember.

Thursday – went to Dairy Queen with Brianne, Arlen, Tara and Elijah. Watched the OC a little bit with Arlen, Brianne, Kelli and Aaron.

Friday – Arlen’s birthday, went for supper at Kelsey’s with about 30 people. Held a chihuaua. Hockey game.

Saturday – Kamara and the polka dot shoes. Fam-diddly.

Hope to see you soon.

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4 thoughts on “Polka Dots

  1. Dixie

    Considering how busy you are, it’s amazing that we were able to spend some time with you last weekend – short notice and all. It’s too bad we didn’t get to see Pete, though.
    The trip home from Regina went well; the roads weren’t as icy as we anticipated.
    Thanks again for the visit, Chelsey, it was great to see you!


  2. Kim

    Well I guess everyone was in town on the same day!! It wasn’t Randy with me, it was Marilyn, and we were just up for the afternoon to do a little shopping for her 50th birthday party coming right up. So I’m glad you got to spend some time with your Dad, Dixie and Grandma Kelly!
    No polka dot shoes were bought but the sidewalk sales were amazing. I wish it wasn’t between pay days but maybe that was a good thing.
    Everyone is asking me if you and Pete are ready to go, some think you have already moved, and me, I’m staying totally in denial until Jaunuary 27th!
    Love Mom


  3. Marilyn

    I love polkadots too! Have been looking at some towels for the bathroom that are polkadotted and trying to convince myself that the 43 year old really does need them!
    I know you must be really busy these days getting ready for the move and all. Was hoping to get to the city to see you…but after a frightful experience with black ice(see my blogspot), I am determined to stay close to home for the rest of the winter. So good luck, much love and keep in touch…Auntie Marilyn


  4. Anonymous

    Just wanted to wish Peter and You all the best on your move. Im sure you guys will love it.To me that gotta be so exciting in many ways . You guys will be in our thoughts and prayers. Hugsss Love the Persely Gang


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