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Well we are back in Regina now. Peter and I left Dauphin on Sunday afternoon, we just followed the hoarfrosted trees all the way home. It was very inspiring, especially since we were listening to Thrice – Vheissu. I love when you have a brand new CD and you’re so excited about it. Goosebumps. You should pick it up at your local music store.

I guess I should tell the rest of the story. We left Estevan on Boxing Day and we went to Brandon, Manitoba to see Pete’s brother Mark, his wife Melissa and their daughter, Kiara. We had a blast there. Kiara is so much fun! She’s grown quite a bit since the last time we saw her and she has so much personality. Walking, talking, and more.

We spent a couple of days there and then drove to Dauphin in our cramped little car with Keri-Lyn and her boyfriend Alvaro. It was a good time. We saw a moose and the four of us became the “best friends club”. The days in Dauphin are a blur of laughter, farting and Wizard (the ultimate game of trump!). To be honest, we played Wizard to the point where we wanted to almost kill one another, but we continued to play anyway. It was a great time spent with those crazy Roberts’ known as Kerry, LaVonne, Joy and Keri-Lyn. And Al-V. Of course we ate a ton of food and were completely stuffed to the point of no return.

Then Peter and I began our drive home and I think part of the reason that it was so inspiring (besides the hoarfrost and the tunes) was the fact that as I looked over the prairies I realized it would be one of my last times seeing it for a while, especially with it looking so beautiful like it did that day. In Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown, the main character states that he has been collecting those “last looks”, which he describes as the look you give when you know that you will be seeing that person for the last time. Well the whole way home I felt like I was giving a last look to everything.

It’s hard to say goodbye when you know that goodbye is for quite a while. And it has only just begun.

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4 thoughts on “shameless promotion

  1. Kim

    Glad to hear you are home and had a wonderful time driving home taking “last looks”. Glad to hear you had a great time laughing with those “crazy” Roberts too!
    Yes, the holidays are over and it’s been back to work this week but nice to get back to some kind of schedule. Randy is coming in January 12th, (I think) and wants to bring your “stuff” in to you. Give him a call and set up a date when you get time.
    It makes me sad to hear that you are taking those “last looks” before you leave the prairies but so thrilled you are going where God needs you to be. I know he can use the two of you. You both are always such an encouragement to me! Love you. Talk later.
    Love Mom


  2. Kim

    I think the reason I feel so sad everytime I think I about you moving so far away is because now that you are all grown up and married you have become one of my closests and treasured friends. I value your friendship so much and I will truly miss you. I know you are God’s treasured friend as well so that makes it okay.
    Love Mom


  3. Marilyn

    Okay, I am considerably older then you two….so who is this new CD that you are promoting? Curiousity has me interested. I know that you are both going to miss being close to home and family…but I believe that every thing happens for a reason…go..enjoy and embrace this new experience for you both. Keep in touch, I will be checking in on your blogspot…check mine to see what we have been up to. Best of Luck and Love to you both…I am excited for you both as you embark on this new adventure. Love Auntie Marilyn


  4. Kristi

    Awww Chelsey.. I have definately been there.. I know all about those “LAST LOOKS” and how hard they can be even if the other side is happy too. HANG IN THERE….And by the way.. I missed something.. WHERE ARE YOU GOING??


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