More photos from when we were in Carnduff

I tried to post these the other day but they just didn’t work. Fandangled technologies. (did you know that fandangled means an elaborate but useless ornament?)

The whole crew who went for supper at the Northern Lights on Tuesday when we were in Carnduff. L to R: Dixie (stepmom), Alexa (cousin), Aunt Alana, Uncle Brad, Chelsey and Peter with Cassidy (cousin) in the front. My grandma Kelly is in the next picture, she also went for supper. She just got back from Halifax where she watched the curling trials so she thought she’d put on her gear for the photo.
I thought my Dad and Dixie’s house needed a little festivity, even if only for a few days, so I took it upon myself to decorate their tree!

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2 thoughts on “More photos from when we were in Carnduff

  1. brianne

    merry christmas…and nice sweater!


  2. Anonymous

    Merry Christmas Peter and Chelsey!
    I miss you guys so much! I hope you all are doing well! God bless you and Take care!

    With Love:
    “Little” Riina


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